Specializing in Entertainment Infrastructure and IP business

YG PLUS excels in producing and distributing a wide array of content that spans music, merchandise, and beyond, all harnessed from the intellectual property (IP) of artists who set global trends. We are dedicated to pioneering the generation of innovative cultural content by fostering engagement and interaction between artists and fans. We are committed to continuously innovating a range of business models within the music industry, with the aim of delivering compelling content to a global audience.



Pursuing Strategic(SI) and Financial(FI) Investments

YG Investment specializes in venture capital and invests with a strategy that tracks the newest business trends based on the various contents and networks owned by the YG Group. Furthermore, we seek to develop new investment opportunities in a variety of areas such as entertainment and consumer goods. Our objective is to empower the companies we invest in and to create synergy with the contents, global network, and other resources of the YG Group.

  • Finding Promising

  • Deal Sourcing through
    Various Networks

  • Global Partnerships
    with NAVER and More