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BABYMONSTER Imprinted with YG ‘DNA’

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[스포츠경향=이유민 기자] YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONSTER has made a splendid entrance with their overwhelming performance.


YG Entertainment announced on the 27th that BABYMONSTER’s debut digital single ‘BATTER UP’, which was released at 0:00 (Korean time) on the same day, reached number 1 on the iTunes song charts in a total of 14 countries, securing a top spot on the worldwide song chart. In particular, this song is the first debut song released this year to enter the top 50 on the US iTunes, achieving unprecedented success as a rookie in the world’s largest pop market.


The response from music fans to ‘BATTER UP’ is also noteworthy. The song’s heavy beat with a strong impact, as well as its addictive chorus, have been praised for properly showcasing BABYMONSTER’s unique charm. The well-structured composition, combined with the members’ smooth vocals and fast-paced rapping, has created a perfect synergy.


The music video is also receiving acclaim. The lavish set and artistic visuals provide an extreme level of immersion, and the witty point dance of swinging a bat, as if to represent ‘BATTER UP’, has caught attention. In particular, the explosive group dance unfolding with the whirlwind sound in the latter part of the video has been praised for providing a thrilling pleasure and confirming the group’s bold confidence.


The ‘BATTER UP’ music video shows signs of extraordinary popularity. Within less than 10 hours of its release on YouTube, it surpassed 8.69 million views and continues to rapidly increase its view count, with the number of subscribers also sharply rising to over 3.42 million, thanks to the passionate love of global fans.


Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER (RUKA, PHARITA, ASA, RAMI, RORA, CHIQUITA) is YG’s new girl group, announced 7 years after BLACKPINK. ‘BATTER UP’ is a dynamic track with a kitschy hook part and a powerful bass line, making it an attractive song. There is a strong focus on the energy-filled full song performances that these members, with YG’s distinctive deep hip-hop scent, will unfold.


2023. 11. 27