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“Monster Rookie” BABYMONSTER’s ‘BATTER UP’ M/V Surpasses 12 Million Views in Half a Day

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[스포츠동아=조성운 기자] YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONSTER has proven its “monster rookie” status with remarkable achievements in various global indicators, as their debut song ‘BATTER UP’ makes a significant impact.


According to YG Entertainment on the 27th, the music video for BABYMONSTER’s ‘BATTER UP’ surpassed 12 million views in just half a day after its release.


Consequently, the music video for ‘BATTER UP’ rapidly climbed to the top of YouTube’s trending videos.


Notably, a surge of reaction videos and positive comments in various languages on YouTube is driving a continuously steep increase in viewership.


The impressive performance shown within half a day of debut suggests that BABYMONSTER could be a new game changer, bringing change and new trends to the K-pop market.


It’s noteworthy that the song also went straight to number one on QQ Music MV Chart, China’s largest music site. Furthermore, ‘BATTER UP’ topped the iTunes Song Chart in a total of 16 countries, reaching the upper ranks of the Worldwide Song Chart.


Showing a uniform distribution of popularity across the world, it’s the first debut song this year to secure a spot in the Top 50 of the U.S. iTunes chart, and it has also successfully entered the UK charts, indicating strong performance in the mainstream pop market.


BABYMONSTER (RUKA, PHARITA, ASA, RAMI, RORA, CHIQUITA) is YG’s new girl group, announced seven years after BLACKPINK.


All six members have been widely praised as “all-rounders” for their skills in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals. Currently, they have surpassed 3.44 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel and over 500 million cumulative views.


2023. 11. 27