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BABYMONSTER, Debut D-2… Global Expectations at Their Peak

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[스포츠월드=현정민 기자] As YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER’s debut draws near, just two days away, global music fans’ expectations have soared to their highest.


YG Entertainment posted the ‘BABYMONSTER – ‘BATTER UP’ D-2’ poster on its official social media on the 25th. The final visuals of the sequentially revealed members come together in an image that instantly captures the viewer’s attention.


Despite their different charms, the combined visuals of BABYMONSTER create a perfect synergy. The intense red and black colored outfits provide a sense of unity, while the individual accessories of each member showcase their diverse concept-digestion abilities.


Their rough-textured, sporty logo connected with BABYMONSTER’s confident expressions and poses also conveys the assertiveness befitting of a ‘monster rookie.’ The anticipation is high for how these members, who have previously shown unique charisma through teasing content, will shake up the K-pop market, with just two days left until the arrival of YG’s next-generation girl group.


BABYMONSTER (RUKA, PHARITA, ASA, RAMI, RORA, CHIQUITA) will take their first bold step into the global music market with the release of their debut digital single ‘BATTER UP’ at 0:00 (Korean time) on the 27th. Their hip-hop genre music, which promises to imprint their distinct presence, is drawing more attention than ever from fans around the world.


The music video, which will be unveiled along with the song, is also garnering attention. A teaser video that gave a glimpse of the addictive melody and heavy beat sound has received a positive response among music fans, heating up the anticipation for BABYMONSTER’s debut. Their official YouTube channel is on an upward trend, with over 3.26 million subscribers and nearly 490 million total views.


2023. 11. 25