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TREASURE Reveals Seoul Concert Poster, Embarks on ‘REBOOT’ with Fans

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[더팩트=최수빈 기자] Group TREASURE is set to meet fans with a newly evolved performance.


On the 20th, YG Entertainment posted the  ‘2023 TREASURE CONCERT [REBOOT] CONCEPT POSTER’ on TREASURE’s official social media accounts. The released poster is subtly illuminated in blue, TREASURE’s symbolic color, with a power button logo. The blue-toned background adds a strong aura, resonating with TREASURE’s second regular album ‘REBOOT’, drawing attention. The term ‘REBOOT’, meaning a restart, hints at further changes and advancements from their previous performances.


In line with this evolution, the upcoming concert is expected to be filled with performances armed with new charms. YG Entertainment stated, “We have prepared a diverse setlist from stages using tracks of the second regular album to unit songs,” and added, “We are making efforts for a special year-end with TREASURE, so please look forward to it.”


TREASURE’s ‘2023 TREASURE CONCERT [REBOOT] IN SEOUL’ will be held from December 15th to 17th at the Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome.


2023. 11. 21