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YG BABYMONSTER’s ‘Stuck In The Middle’ Live Stage Debuts for the First Time

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[뉴스엔=이민지 기자] The pre-released track “Stuck In The Middle” by YG’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER has been unveiled for the first time.


YG Entertainment posted “BABYMONSTER – ‘Stuck In The Middle’ SPECIAL STAGE” on its official social media on Feb. 8th. Within YG’s high-quality self-production system, one can feel the solid vocal skills and unique aura of the six members.


Appearing in dazzling dresses, BABYMONSTER instantly captivated both eyes and ears with their distinctive vocal tones. Despite their young age, their delicate voices, adorned over the sweet melody of the piano, resonated with emotional depth, drawing listeners in. Their lonely yet wistful facial expressions added to the deep immersion.


The high-quality production that maximized the mood of the song and the rich emotions of the lyrics also caught attention. An arch-shaped structure reminiscent of a giant temple unfolded like a fairy tale, with petals scattered amongst it, starlight displayed on LED screens, and subtle lighting effects merging together to create an unforgettable visual experience.


Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER has been receiving positive responses from music fans since releasing the pre-released track “Stuck In The Middle” on the 1st. Notably, the music video quickly became the ‘Most Viewed Video in 24 Hours’ upon release and then soared to the top of the global YouTube Daily Popular Music Video chart. In just 6 days, it surpassed 30 million views, solidifying its strong global popularity.


Riding on this momentum, BABYMONSTER plans to release their first mini album on April 1st. With this album, member AHYEON will return, making the group a seven-member ensemble to carry out active promotions.


2024. 2. 8.