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YG’s BABYMONSTER Opens Weverse Pre- Community to Expand Interaction with Global Fans

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[OSEN=지민경 기자] YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER is garnering attention for setting up a communication channel with global fans ahead of their full-scale activities.


According to YG Entertainment on the 22nd, BABYMONSTER pre-opened their community on the global fandom life platform Weverse at noon on the 22nd. They plan to get even closer to fans’ hearts with more diverse content from the official opening scheduled in April.


This marks the first opportunity for intimate interaction with BABYMONSTER since their debut. It is expected to significantly enhance solidarity among fans worldwide and provide a convenient opportunity for fans to come together, creating great synergy.


YG stated, “The members’ will and sincerity to interact closely with fans led us to prepare this space more quickly. After the release of the mini-album in April, we will increase points of contact with fans in various ways, not just on Weverse.”



Since their debut on November 27 last year with “BATTER UP”, BABYMONSTER has made a mark on global music fans as monster rookies with overwhelming capabilities. They entered the US Billboard chart just 8 days after their debut and continuously broke the record for the shortest time taken by a K-pop girl group debut song on YouTube, establishing themselves as the next big thing in the mainstream music market.


The pre-released single “Stuck In The Middle” released on the 1st has been maintaining steady popularity, receiving praise for showcasing the members’ wide music spectrum. In April, with full support from YG, they plan to release their first mini-album as a seven-member group with AHYEON joining and carry out dense activities.


Meanwhile, Weverse will hold a hashtag event in April to celebrate the opening of BABYMONSTER’s community. Participants will have the chance to win goods through a draw, and more information will be available later through Weverse notices.


2024. 2. 22.