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TREASURE, Perfectly Triggered ‘REBOOT’… Successful Seoul Concert

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[OSEN=선미경 기자] Group TREASURE has ignited the hearts of fans worldwide with a vigorous ‘REBOOT’ on stage, going beyond their musical leap. Their passion, running non-stop for 170 minutes like an unquenchable engine in a concert hall capable of accommodating about 30,000 people, melted even the severe cold and blazed fiercely.


TREASURE successfully completed their ‘2023 TREASURE CONCERT [REBOOT] IN SEOUL’ at the KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Bangi-dong, Seoul, over three days on the 15th, 16th, and 17th. From the setlist of about 23 promised songs to the relentless encores, it was an event that profoundly stamped TREASURE’s stage capabilities, filled with the essence of their tour experience.


#TREASURE’s Explosive Live Performance… Every Moment was a Climax! 170 Minutes Filled with Explosive Energy


Opening the concert with ‘BONA BONA’, TREASURE instantly elevated the atmosphere with the intense ‘JIKJIN’, ‘BOY’, and ‘HELLO’, packed with powerful ‘knife-like’ choreography. The stages for the tracks from their second full album, unveiled for the first time, showcased their diverse genre capabilities, eliciting cheers from fans.


The highly polished concert production backed TREASURE’s energy. From the design symbolizing a restart button to dazzling lights, lasers, LED, and columns of fire, everything unfolded seamlessly, enhancing immersion. The VCR segments occasionally reminded one of a grand movie or a witty drama, adding another layer of enjoyment.



# From Charisma to Hip-Hop and Emotional Ballads… A Wide Range of Unit Stages Completed


Special unit stages led the audience through excitement and emotion. T5’s charismatic ‘MOVE’, and Asahi and HARUTO’s freely expressed rock vibe in ‘Thank You’ captivated the eyes and ears of fans, delivering the thrilling sensation unique to concerts.


The rapper line, CHOI HYUN SUK, YOSHI, and HARUTO, burst with the essence of hip-hop swag. CHOI HYUN SUK’s crump solo dance in ‘G.O.A.T (feat. LEE YOUNG HYUN)’ and the volcanic heat of ‘VolKno’ exploded with tension. JIHOON, JUNKYU, and PARK JEONG WOO concluded the unit stages with ‘THE WAY TO’, immersing the audience in their sweet tones and solid vocals.



#“The Reason We Exist”… TREASURE & TEUMES Decorate the End of 2023 Together


The driving force behind TREASURE is undoubtedly their fandom, TREASURE MAKERS. The members, constantly making eye contact with fans from the protruding stage and lift, roamed around on mobile mini-stages and even approached the audience directly, creating a frenzy. These were moments born from the members’ ideas, participated in since the concert planning stage.


The fans, in turn, added to the emotion with passionate sing-alongs, cheers, and the brilliant blue wave of the lightsticks, TEU-LIGHTS. TREASURE said, “You are the reason we exist. We will always be by the fans’ side, let’s create happy memories together.”


At this TREASURE concert, about 150 people were invited through organizations like the Korea Association of the Visually Impaired, Hanbit, a pediatric cancer NGO, and Save the Children. Considering the accessibility and convenience of all attendees, including disabled spectators, DOYOUNG and PARK JEONG WOO personally recorded an accessibility guide video for the 2023 TREASURE concert. Also, the ‘YOUR GREEN STEP’ booth measuring the carbon footprint of the audience was operated as part of YG’s effort for sustainable performances.


2023. 12. 20.