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BABYMONSTER “We Always Wanted to Debut with YG… We are YG’s DNA”

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[헤럴드경제=고승희 기자] “Even before coming to Korea, we dreamed of becoming K-POP artists after seeing BLACKPINK. LISA is my role model. I want to be like LISA,” said PHARITA (19) and CHIQUITA (16) from Thailand, who have now become ‘BLACKPINK’s younger sisters’.


Meeting at the YG Entertainment building in Mapo-gu, Seoul, the rookie girl group BABYMONSTER mentioned, “It’s an honor just to be called BLACKPINK’s younger sister group. Thanks to that, we’ve been receiving a lot of attention from the beginning,” (RAMI, 17) said.


BABYMONSTER, YG’s first girl group debut in 7 years since BLACKPINK in 2016, has received significant attention even before their debut, being the ‘younger sister group’ of BLACKPINK, a giant group that has led the global pop market along with BTS.


BABYMONSTER is a multinational group. Among the seven members, RUKA (Japan), PHARITA (Thailand), ASA (Japan), AHYEON (Korea), RAMI (Korea), RORA (Korea), and CHIQUITA (Thailand), only two are Korean. The group had their pre-debut showcase with “BATTER UP” last year and warmed up earlier this year with “Stuck In The Middle,” making their first step into the music industry with their debut mini album ‘BABYMONS7ER’ on the 1st.



Especially, this album was presented as a complete group of 7 members with the joining of AHYEON. AHYEON (17) said, “It’s hard to explain in detail, but I felt a lot of psychological pressure and burden last year. I had set high standards for myself and was in a situation where I had to break down the barriers I had set. I learned that I should delve deeper into what I love and not to see pressure as a burden but as a challenge to overcome. I focused on recovery at home, exercising, and eating well, which led to improvement.”


During the time AHYEON couldn’t join the group, “Members’ encouragement and support, as well as fans’ cheering through billboards, were a great strength to her. She smiled, saying, “Now I’m fully recovered.”


The members also felt that “It was natural for AHYEON to debut with us as a group of 7.” ASA (18) mentioned, “When we came out as 6, something felt empty and incomplete, but with AHYEON’s return, it felt complete.”


Not only AHYEON, but other members also faced pressures and anxieties ahead of their debut. RUKA (22) said, “I’ve met over twenty trainees in 6 years. Every time my friends left, I worried if I would be next. I really wanted to debut from YG no matter how hard it was, I kept pushing myself.”


AHYEON added, “There are days when the evaluation results are good. On such days, I feel like I can do anything. A word of praise or encouragement doesn’t solve everything, but such stages are of great value to us, helping us overcome the monthly hardships to be here. There were hard times, but I felt like I was growing.”


BABYMONSTER’s debut album includes the title track “SHEESH,” showcasing the team’s identity with strong beats and synthesizers in “MONSTERS (Intro)”, collaborating with pop star Charlie Puth in “LIKE THAT,” and featuring 7-member versions of previously released “BATTER UP” and “Stuck In The Middle,” among a total of 7 tracks. The title track “SHEESH” is a hip-hop dance genre song highlighted by Baroque-style piano melodies and grand synthesizer sounds. The addictive hook utilizing the exclamation “SHEESH” for ‘amazement’ catches the ear.


BABYMONSTER’s debut was meticulously guided by YG Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK, who directed everything from start to finish. RORA (16) said, “He never spares advice, even coming to the music video set to talk about the importance of expressions, coaching on each member’s rap or vocal parts, among other various tips.”


According to YG, YANG HYUN SUK personally formed the choreography for BABYMONSTER, and top choreographer Bada participated in the performance work, enhancing its quality.


AHYEON shared, “This song has many turning points. I saw praises like ‘BABYMONSTER can sing, rap, and dance.’ Remembering each member being praised individually is memorable. Reading such comments energized me, and I’ll take this as motivation to work even harder.”


Interest in YG’s new girl group is already significant. Shortly after their official debut, BABYMONSTER’s “SHEESH” topped YouTube’s Global Weekly Popular Music Video Chart. It gained widespread popularity across various countries, including mainstream pop markets like the USA, UK, Canada, as well as Korea and Japan, securing the 2nd spot on the Global Weekly Popular Songs Chart. The music video, released at midnight on the 1st, immediately became the ‘Most Viewed Video on YouTube in 24 Hours,’ surpassing 70.7 million views, and is now nearing the 100 million view milestone.


PHARITA (19) also shared, “I was so thrilled and happy to see all seven of us in the music video for the first time the day before the album release. I want to become a more global artist who can inspire others.”


BABYMONSTER members highlighted their team’s strength as a “girl group that inherits the ‘YG DNA.'” YG, one of the top four entertainment companies in Korea, has led the K-POP boom and the expansion into the global market from BIGBANG, 2NE1, to BLACKPINK.


AHYEON stated, “Having a distinct personality and incorporating each member’s unique voice and personality into music through hip-hop-based music is YG’s characteristic,” and RORA added, “Based on YG DNA, we will gradually find our own color.”


BABYMONSTER embodies contrasting images, just like their team name suggests. The group has adopted the successful formula of BLACKPINK, combining the elements of black and pink to showcase a duality of charm. The members express, “When we’re not practicing, we’re like ‘babies,’ full of playful energy. However, when we’re practicing or on stage, we show a ‘monster-like’ charisma.”


With their debut, BABYMONSTER is now gearing up for full-scale activities. They’re particularly looking forward to meeting fans in Asia through a fan meeting tour in five countries, including Japan and Thailand, and performing at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic.’ RUKA, a member from Japan, expressed her happiness, saying, “I’m so happy to show our performance to my parents.” PHARITA also shared her anticipation, “I’m looking forward to showing our fans to my parents.”


RORA reflects on the competitive nature of the industry, stating, “There are many strong groups debuting, but we believe in showing our capabilities without feeling intimidated. We think it’s important not to be discouraged but to believe that we can do well.”


AHYEON adds a personal touch, “Rather than competing with other groups, we believe it’s important to support each other and create a cooler image together. BLACKPINK JENNIE has been my idol since my trainee days, a great source of inspiration and role model. I aim to find my own unique color and become a wonderful artist like JENNIE”.


2024. 4. 8.