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BABYMONSTER’s “SHEESH” MV Surpasses 71 Million Views in Just Six Days: On Track for Fastest 100 Million Views!

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[스포츠동아=허민녕] It’s truly a monstrous debut. BABYMONSTER has captured the world’s attention this past week, becoming the protagonist of the most-watched music video globally on YouTube. Their latest song, “SHEESH,” has surpassed 71 million views in just six days since its release, claiming the top spot on the ‘Global Weekly Popular Music Video Chart.’ Among the top 10 songs on the chart, calculated based on the cumulative views from March 29 to April 4, “SHEESH” stood out as the only K-pop track.


“SHEESH” marks BABYMONSTER’s first release as a complete seven-member group, including AHYEON, who joined the group after overcoming health issues that previously delayed her debut. In relation to this, YG Entertainment has redefined “SHEESH” as BABYMONSTER’s official debut song, while the previously released six-member tracks “BATTER UP” and “Stuck In The Middle” were positioned as pre-debut songs.


The record-breaking view count of “SHEESH” not only symbolizes the world’s current fascination with this K-pop girl group but also highlights the group’s first YouTube record title, raising anticipation on how much faster they can surpass the 100 million view milestone compared to their pre-debut song “BATTER UP.”


“BATTER UP” reached 100 million YouTube views in 18 days and 3 hours, setting a new record for the fastest time for a K-pop girl group debut song, previously held by the group aespa’s “Black Mamba” music video, which took one month and 21 days.


With a daily increase nearing 10 million views, industry insiders predict “SHEESH” could hit 100 million views within approximately ten days of its release. This would advance the record set by “BATTER UP” by 7 to 8 days, potentially maintaining their title for the fastest record even after redefining their official debut song.


BABYMONSTER has also stepped out from their previous mysterious absence of public appearances since late last year, beginning with their performance on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ on April 7. Recently, they announced large-scale fan meetings in major Asian countries, including Japan’s Tokyo, Singapore, Taiwan’s Taipei, Thailand’s Bangkok, and Indonesia’s Jakarta, proclaiming their emergence as a performance-oriented girl group.


2024. 4. 8.