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The Meaning of TREASURE’s ‘Shining Solo’s Global Rise

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[OSEN=선미경 기자] TREASURE’s romantic survival has successfully captured fans’ hearts, proving its powerful influence with an unusual rise in ratings and expanded service areas despite being a late-night variety show. This new approach is paving the way for a new chapter in idol entertainment.


The popularity of TREASURE’s variety show “Shining Solo” continues to rise steadily. With the start of Part 2, it has led to an increase in domestic viewership and an expansion of the platforms where it is available.


SBS’s variety show “Shining Solo” is a romantic survival competition to find the top gem among TREASURE members. The members spend four days in TREASURE Castle, showcasing their charm and vying for the selection of female participants.


The series kicked off on the 3rd of last month with members JUNKYU, ASAHI, JIHOON, YOON JAE HYUK, and HARUTO appearing in the first episode as Part 1 members. They breathed life into the seemingly unorthodox format of a romantic survival show with TREASURE’s unique charm, offering a friendly look at the 20-somethings beyond their on-stage personas, and appealing with their diverse and fresh charms.



This fresh format chosen by TREASURE has shown signs of global popularity right after its first broadcast. It ranked first in popularity on Remino, a major OTT platform serviced by Japan’s largest telecom operator, NTT Docomo, from the start. The second episode also broke records by becoming the most-watched K-pop variety content in a single day through word of mouth.


It has also ranked high on platforms in Thailand, Taiwan, etc., standing shoulder to shoulder with local content in these regions.


The show has consistently drawn positive reviews and popularity from global viewers. “Shining Solo” has been ranked first in popularity on Remino for four consecutive weeks. It also ranked first in the entertainment category on Thailand’s oneD and remained in the top ranks in the entertainment category on Taiwan’s friDay Video, among other positive responses.


With this upward trend, the service area has been significantly expanded. “Shining Solo” has been scheduled for additional airing on eight OTT platforms, including Japan’s most-used Amazon Prime Video, Ganteredoga, Video Market, and Crank In! Video. Despite being a series of several episodes, it has maintained unusually high viewership on Remino, and there’s a strategy to continue this momentum with expanded airing.



Notably, “Shining Solo” has also seen a surge in popularity domestically. The episode aired on the 6th recorded a 1.0% rating (according to Nielsen Korea), doubling the previous ratings. Considering that “Shining Solo” airs every Saturday at 12:30 AM, this is a significant achievement. The increase in viewership can be attributed not just to fans but to the influx of general viewers as well, indicating the positive response from the public to the unique format of an idol’s romantic survival.


Given the positive reception and buzz among global viewers, there’s growing anticipation for the survival of Part 2 members as the show unfolds.


2024. 4. 7.