YG TREASURE Launches "BLOOMING TREASURE" MD with Spring-like vibes



YG TREASURE has released a "BLOOMING TREASURE" MD full of spring colors.


The MD contains the meaning of a "new leap" in which TREASURE's name is widely spread around the world, just as Blooming means "Blooming." In addition, in line with the concepts of "Spring" and "Blooming," warm apple mint green colors and bright blue colors with colorful spring flowers and plants were used to add mysterious emotions.


It consists of a total of 18 items, including photo books, photo cards, binders, and bookmarks, as well as fashion accessories such as pouches, cap hats, key rings, pin brooches and bracelets.


In particular, the photo book has 120 pages of photos filled with the charms of Treasure members through bright spring flowers, and added speciality for fans by showing photo cards where you can meet the members' undisclosed cuts and pin brooches, name tags, bracelets, and aprons.


This MD will be available at Weverse Shop from the 22nd. In addition, customers who purchase during the event will be presented with photo cards made with Blooming Treasure undisclosed cuts, and the original Polaroid will be presented through a lottery among customers who leave product reviews using hashtags (#BLOOMING TREASURE #TREASURE).