Launching an MD to celebrate the release of TREASURE's new album



In commemoration of the release of YG TREASURE's new album, the specially produced "JIKJIN" MD was released through Weverse, a global fan community.

The MD was designed to match the concept of TREASURE's title song "JIKJIN." Combination, expansion, solidarity, and even more brilliant appearance were reflected when 12 members became one.

Various items have been prepared that highlight the characteristics and charm of each of the twelve members. There are a total of 13 types, including standing-type photo cards, frame sets, and hanging-type photo cards. It consists of items that have not been introduced before, increasing the value of the collection.

In particular, the MA-1 jacket has a unique design of TREASURE's signature logo with scotch details, highlighting its stylishness. This added meaning because the existing "Treasure Team" jacket was produced separately for fans.

In addition, there are various items such as puzzle-shaped puzzle acrylic key rings containing portraits of members, "file blocks" completed with members' handwriting, and daily "beads bracelets" and "hairbands" made for treasure makers.

Meanwhile, "PLUSH DOLL," which offers a glimpse of TREASURE members' characters, was sold out as soon as it began sales at YG Select on the 10th.

On the 15th, when TREASURE released its new album "THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE," it quickly topped the world wide album chart, ranking first in 30 iTunes regions.

It has also settled at the top of major charts in Japan and the U.S., and the music video of "JIKJIN" is running fast toward 10 million views on YouTube amid favorable reviews from global fans.