MD Launched to Celebrate the 7th Anniversary of WINNER


MD was released to commemorate the 7th anniversary of WINNER.


YG PLUS announced that the presale of MD created to commemorate the 7th anniversary of WINNER will begin at 5 pm on August 17th. 


This merchandise contains the ‘WHALE TAIL’ motif, which symbolizes the well wishes for one another’s luck and happiness following the 7-year journey of WINNER and its fan community, Inner Circle. The basic ‘WAHLE TAIL’ items include bangle charms, a set of brooches, and masking tapes with cutters. Tees and phone cases with a variety of artwork can also be ordered.  


YG PLUS commented that these items were chosen for their highly functional application in the everyday lives of fans in addition to their value as collectibles.  


These MD items are being sold on YG Select, and fans who post messages for WINNER at the reply event will be eligible to enter the draw where they can receive MD discount coupons. 


The name WINNER originates from the group’s win on the survival program ‘WIN: Who is Next’, which aired back in 2013. The group made their debut the following year and has gained wide acclaim on a number of hits, including their debut song “Empty”, along with “Baby Baby”, “Really Really”, and “Remember”. 


WINNER is taking a temporary sojourn in team activity as JINU and HOONY serve their military duty. YOON and MINO have both recently released solo albums and remain extremely active and connected to their fans with their roles on acting and entertainment shows as well as their involvement in the arts.