Offering new experiences
to fans worldwide and
building an enjoyable service.

YG PLUS creates new cultural content by leading the connection and communication between artists and fans.
We develop diverse business models in music, MD, character, advertising, and the rest of the entertainment, contents, and IP industry, seeking to share trendy and exciting content with the world.


Fashion &

We provide a golfing platform and relevant services.

From fashion show production and management, media content production, brand PR & marketing, to model academies, KPLUS HOLDINGS is staffed by experts with abundant experience and know-how in their respective fields, creating synergies through coordinated efforts.
Driven by distinct educational philosophies and meticulous systems, KPLUS HOLDINGS is not only developing domestic talent but also expanding its operations to nurture global talent by preparing to establish academies in China, Thailand, and other countries. Also, in close collaboration with YG entertainment, we identify each individual model’s specific talent and support them to rise to the top in not only fashion, beauty, and lifestyle areas but in entertainment and arts as well.

  • 패션쇼 및 마케팅 이벤트 기획/운영

    Fashion Show and Marketing Event

  • 연기자 및 패션 모델 매니지먼트

    Actor and Fashion Model

  • 모델 아카데미 운영

    Model Academy


Conducting Total Golf Management & Marketing.

Green Works is launching Korea’s greatest golf reservation platform, “XGOLF,” a practice range franchise, and more by capitalizing on its expertise and networks in the golfing industry. It is leading the effort to expand broad access to the sport by pushing for various initiatives such as golf packaging services, membership support, online and offline advertisement, and promotion campaigns.

  • Reservation Service & Solution

  • Practice Range Franchise

  • Golf Course Promotion


Pursuing Strategic(SI), Financial(FI) Investments.

YG Investment specializes in venture capital and invests with a strategy that tracks the newest business trends based on the various contents and networks owned by the YG Group. Furthermore, we seek to develop new investment opportunities in a variety of areas such as entertainment and consumer goods. Our objective is to empower the companies we invest in and to create synergy with the contents, global network, and other resources of the YG Group.

  • Finding Promising

  • Deal Sourcing through
    Various Networks

  • Global Partnerships
    with NAVER and More