Offering new experiences
to fans worldwide and
building an enjoyable service.

YG PLUS creates new cultural content by leading the connection and communication between artists and fans.
We develop diverse business models in music, MD, character, advertising, and the rest of the entertainment, contents, and IP industry, seeking to share trendy and exciting content with the world.



Discovering new music and adding value to lead music industry development.

YG provides a variety of music services, leveraging its expert understanding of music content, significant experience, and business capability. YG PLUS is the managing agency for Naver’s music platform ‘VIBE’, and conducts music production∙investment∙distribution for over 300 partner companies in domestic and overseas markets, including YG Entertainment and HYBE. By discovering and distributing well-made musical contents, we are expanding the reach of K-POP in the global market and leading the effort to build a new ecosystem that will contribute to the growth and advancement of the music industry.

Platform & Partnership

NAVER VIBE, SEOUL MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, LINE MUSIC, KKBOX, JOOX, MyMusic, Yandex, Zing mp3, Omusic, Anghami, Tencent



Music service with not only your favorite music,
but also music that could perfectly meet your preferences

Business History
  1. 2021

    1. 04.

      Record/digital copy distribution for HYBE and associate companies

  2. 2021

    1. 03.

      Selected as IFPI and ISRC Manager

  3. 2021

    1. 01.

      Domestic/overseas direct contract platform (Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, and 20 others) DDEX interface internalized

  4. 2020

    1. 10.

      Exceeded 200 partner labels for record/digital copy distribution

  5. 2020

    1. 07.

      ‘YG PLUS Music Contents Lab Ltd’ SPC investment entity founded

  6. 2019

    1. 12.

      Exceeded 100 partner labels for record/digital copy distribution

  7. 2019

    1. 06.

      SEOUL MUSIC Brand Youtube channel opened

  8. 2019

    1. 05.

      YG PLUS distribution system WAPL 1.0 opened

  9. 2019

    1. 01.

      YG Ent. record/digital copy distribution started

  10. 2017

    1. 12.

      YG PLUS record/digital copy distribution started

  11. 2020

    1. 09.

      Billboard K-POP Chart Broadcast Monitoring Data Provision Contract

  12. 2020

    1. 07.

      Recording Industry Association of Korea Broadcasting Fee Monitoring Service Contract

  13. 2019

    1. 07.

      Line Music Taiwan Music Content and License Supply Contract

  14. 2018

    1. 05.

      Line Music Japan Music Content and License Supply Contract

  15. 2018

    1. 04.

      Naver Music Content and License Supply Contract